From project implementation, to database system integration to proficiency in different software platform, a database administrator needs all these skills to be successful in this field. Those who want to apply for the job of database administrator must need a remarkable CV, and for this, the first requirement is a proper CV Format. The CV Format should put forward all the skills and technical knowhow of the candidate in an attention-grabbing manner. The primary skills to be highlighted include proficiency in varied technologies like Access, MS SQL, DB2, Oracle, Java, Linux, Windows, XML, and alike. There must be a professional summary in the CV Format, which summarizes the competence and experience of the candidate. Further, it must convey the core qualifications of the candidate, and it should be given more emphasis, as these are what employers seek in a professional database administrator. Experience and educational background are what follows the skills section in the CV Format.

Sample CV Formats for Database Administrator

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