A Doctor serves as a primary care provider for individuals in a variety of age groups. He or she treats a wide variety of common health problems, concentrating on primary health care for the patients. doctor is often the first person called when a child or parent becomes ill. He or she performs an initial exam, and refers patients to specialists when necessary. The work environment for a doctor is generally indoors, in a clinic or in a hospital. Many times multiple doctors operate their practices under one roof, in a medical complex type setting. The education required usually includes a doctoral or PhD degree as well as licensing by the medical board in the given state. Most family physicians keep routine office hours at least five days a week and sometimes on weekends. Doctors may work evenings and late nights as well as overnight shifts. The CV Format for Doctor post needs to be build very carefully. It must work more over your organizational skills and work management during your house job than degrees and qualification. A recruiter would want to hire a fresh doctor who is quick, alert, friendly and have knowledge for the latest equipment and its utilization. In addition, add some references/credits/awards from your previous experiences.

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