GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Trainee needs to perform the administrative, operation, and design functions that are related to the creation and analysis of GIS data. GIS trainee is the entry-level class. Hence, when you are preparing your CV Format, you should demonstrate your passion for learning. GIS trainees are responsible for the creation and updating of digital GIS databases as well as production of maps. Other roles and responsibilities for such trainees include translating staff needs and specifications into fully-functional GIS solutions, recording several spatial data into appropriate codes through the use of recognized classification systems, and transforming maps into a digital format, to name a few. To perform these tasks competently, you need the expertise of operating and maintaining computer equipment. Your CV Format should throw light on this skill. In addition, you need to possess the knowledge of principles of software and hardware installation, testing, and operation of GIS applications, which should find mention in your CV Format.

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