Aspiring managers should have excellent communication, problem-solving, and managerial skills, as they are responsible for all activities, projects, and employees of their offices. So, your CV of IT MANAGER must highlight all these primary skills to be act as a manager. It is essential that IT managers work well in fast-paced environments, they work closely with staff to ensure that operations are running smoothly, they must always stay up-to-date on the statuses of all projects to report directly to the CEO or other high-level executives. Financial expertise is essential for this position, as a manager must develop budgets for their departments to follow, and some may also have purchasing duties on behalf of their companies, this is a high-demand, high-stress position, so prospective candidates should be able to handle and adapt to such an environment. A bachelors degree in IT or a related field is generally required for this position, and some employers may prefer candidates who have years of managerial experience. Hence, your CV Format for IT Manager must shows the skills to coordinate office and/or departmental operations, review, track and prepare budgets; maintain records and databases, route and resolve information requests.

Sample CV Formats for IT Manager

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