IT professionals are tasked with planning certain types of projects within a company and ensuring that they are executed and on-track through every stage of the process. This job may require the leadership and mentor qualities in order to achieve particular goals. IT professionals must ensure that employees have the same shared vision and goals for projects while being assigned specific duties. Problem-solving skills may be necessary when projects are not going as planned. Professionals in IT department oversee projects until they are finished, and evaluate them to determine whether follow-up projects are necessary and what changes can be made for the future. This job may also involve overseeing skills. In IT Some positions require some professional certificationand a bachelor’s degree or higher in information technology. As this is a professional and leadership position, so the CV format for IT professionals needs to highlight necessary years of relevant and past leadership skills and duties should be demonstrated. Hence, CV Format for IT Professionals should include good work experience and leadership skills.

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