A soft skills trainer needs to follow the pre-determined curriculum or calendar of activities that are developed to enhance the soft skills of clients. This is primarily done to increase the clients’ skill level for the purpose of securing a job. This is inclusive of carrying out mock interviews, job counselling, sensitivity awareness, and offering training for existing and prospective clients. Your CV Format should unequivocally portray that you possess high enthusiasm and motivational levels along with a pleasing personality. The core duties and responsibilities of a soft skills trainer include facilitation of day-to-day training sessions to impart the requisite soft skills and conducting training sessions in an atmosphere that effectively promotes respect and caring. Your CV Format should demonstrate that you are highly competent to perform these duties. Other secondary roles involve planning, organizing, and administering the prescribed curriculum to clients. Besides a pleasing personality, your CV Format should throw light on your teaching skills, which are primary to this designation.

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