Tele-callers(Telecaller) are responsible for selling their companies’ services or products to the customers via phone. They have a detailed database of their potential and existing customers to which they contact through phone and provide necessary information for making the product or service saleable to the clients. Their CV Format incorporate essential areas of tele-calling like coordinating with sales and marketing staff, communicating the message to the clients, keeping them updated with any modifications etc. A tele-caller(telecaller) must possess excellent communication skills and outstanding convincing power for handling the customers. S/he should be well versed in regional languages apart from the main language spoken in that nation. Tele-callers need to be an efficient team player to work adeptly with a team. They must have sound computer knowledge with updated information regarding all software and technological advents. The CV Format of tele-caller(telecaller) must include all these prime aspects of tele-calling services.

Sample CV Formats for Tele-Caller(Telecaller)

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