Curriculum Vitae Template

Successful CV writing is one of the most important aspects of the job search process of a job seeker. Many job seekers use curriculum vitae templates to format and craft a CV of resume of superior quality. But, in the process of formatting a resume, it is essential to customize it according to the job role as well as the level of experience and the industry domain. There are different kinds of curriculum vitae templates available which can be used in different openings for different sectors.
Following are 3 common types of formats used in curriculum vitae templates:-

1) Chronological CV:- A chronological curriculum vitae template mentions the professional experiences and educational qualifications in reverse chronological order. Chronological CVs are suitable to showcase consistent experience and responsibilities in a particular field without any gaps. It helps in further career progressions in the same industry vertical.

2) Skill Based or Functional CV:- The primary focus of skill based or functional CVs in not time-based work history, but the skills and achievements earned during his/her employment history irrespective of the organizational descriptions. These kinds of curriculum vitae templates give a better idea about the capabilities of the candidates applying for a job. Moreover, if a candidate has gaps and want to highlight skills more than limited work experience in a particular field or change career path; such CV templates can be used.

3) Combined CV:- A combined CV demonstrates an applicant’s credentials in both chronological and skill based formats. Therefore, suck kind of CVs are relatively longer than the other two kinds. Such CVs are most suitable for mentioning both skills and experience levels and for those candidates with strong professional career progression.