CV Examples

Using the most effective CV format for a particular job opening is a crucial factor in successful job hunting. There are innumerable number of CV examples are available online, but using the right format for the right purpose is important. While finalizing your CV example, it is required to analyze the outlook of the recruiters and highlight the key skills and experiences for easy scanning of the recruiters. Moreover, it is also important to pay due importance on the aesthetic appeal of the CV or resumes. There are several kinds of CVs according to the formatting and content approach. Following are some of the CV examples which are used in job search purpose:-

i) Experience based or Traditional CV:- A traditional CV is also known as Chronological CV. In such CVs, previous work experiences and responsibilities are given main importance. These CV examples do not emphasize on achievements and skill sets.

iii) Academic & Research CVs:- Academic & Research CVs are used for higher educational teaching and research based roles. For example, in case of post doctoral research in a premier university, it is necessary to mention all the relevant qualifications, publications and research reports as well as specialized skills. Therefore, such CVs are generally longer than the other CV examples, but brevity should be maintained while mentioning the credentials.

iv) Technical CVs:- Technical CVs are used for IT jobs of different domains such as Software Engineering, Web Development, Technical Consultants and Mobile Application Developers etc. In these CV examples, both experience and skill sets are necessary to portray. Technical competencies should be properly explained with all relevant qualifications and certifications.

v) Combined CVs:- Combine CVs involve both chronological and skill based formats. Such CVs are longer than the singular formats and give a strong impression to the recruiters. Such CV examples can be used for professionals with wealth of experiences and vast range of skills & achievements.