As a marketing general manager, your primary role lies in planning the best and optimum ways in the promotion of your company’s brand, products, or services. If you have excellent organizational skills and are passionate about communicating ideas and messages, this may well turn out to be the ideal job for you. Highlight these skills in your CV Format. Besides, you will need to possess excellent managerial skills to motivate and lead the entire marketing department. What’s more, you should be able to handle high-pressure situations, especially when it comes to meeting strict deadlines. You need to possess exhaustive experience as a marketing manager to get to the designation of “General Manager.” Therefore, pay attention to your employment history while creating your CV Format. Prospective employers are more likely to show interest in your skills, industry knowledge, and track record in comparison with your formal qualifications. Hence, highlight these sections well in your CV Format.

Sample CV Formats for General Manager Marketing

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